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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tips: Internet Automation -

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest...) are all platforms to share information. Many of us have multiple accounts in order to interact with different groups of people. The difficulty is managing all these accounts while staying on top of other repetitive tasks. That's where ifttt comes in. - If This Than That

ifft is a very simple free service. Once your account is set up you can link the services that you would like to automate. From there it's as easy as completing the statement: If this than that. For example, I use this "recipe" to ensure that my Twitter followers know when I have a new blog post. 
The services, or "Channels" as ifft calls them, range from Facebook to phone calls, Twitter to Craigslist. If you want there to be a reaction to your (or others actions) in your internet reality check out There are thousands of pre-made "recipes", or make your own.

What recipes have you made? Share in the comments below.

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