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Sunday, May 20, 2012

iPhone Repair

The iPhone 4 and 4S have raced to the top of the mobile phone market. With the popularity being so high, accidents are inevitable; luckily parts and tool providers are plentiful however repair-skills required go from Basic to Challenge Accepted.

While my iPhone 4 has not suffered the "Broke Back Panel Syndrome" that so many have, I decided to personalize my device... the device itself, not an accessory case.

I first saw this modification on a YouTube video called: Clear / Transparent iPhone 4 Backplate Battery Door. Unfortunately the company mentioned in the video no longer carries this particular product. But, with a few hours (or maybe just felt that way) searching, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for... and here it is:

This modification, or repair (if you are replacing a broken panel), would be classified as basic. The most challenging part is getting your eye to focus long enough on the tiny screw heads beside the dock connector to determine if they are #00 Philips or 5-point Pentalobe (not to be confused with a trox driver). The iPhone 4 originally shipped with the Phillips head. Then it was change to the Pentalobe just prior to the release of the White version. If you are unsure which screws your device has the iPhone Liberation Kit from is going to be your best bet.

WARNING: Using the wrong driver will damage the screws!

Once you have the screws out, its as simple as slide:
With the device open, you can now get to work with what ever needs repair inside the phone. The battery would be the next step on the skill level ladder, and the screen replacement would classify as Challenge Accepted.

For a step-by-step tutorial for opening your iPhone 4 / 4S follow this guide on

Has your mobile device suffered unfortunate damage? Did you accept the challenge to fix it? Let me know in the comments.


UPDATE: I now offer device repair. Visit my Facebook Page for details and inquiries. 

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