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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts on Flash

Since the invention of the iPhone, it has been heavily scrutinized for its inability to run Flash. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs publicly shared his thoughts in the famous Apple's thoughts on Flash letter back in 2010. Here we are 2 years later and the iPhone (and iPad) are still flash free.

And it appears mobile devices are going to stay Flash-free. Adobe has put an end to the mobile flash development. Yet I still hear potential cell phone consumers (and sometimes new iPhone owners) complaining about this "hindrance." What is the big deal anyway? I have been an iPhone user since the 3GS and the number of times "Flash-inability" has ruined my internet browsing experience is exactly... never. Sure I have come across the "you must install Flash" badge on a handful of occasions however, it is rarely hindering the reason that I have navigated to that page. Furthermore, if the page requires Flash there is most likely another non-Flash-based site with the content that I am looking for.

In my opinion there is another way to view Flash and this is probably the more important argument to have.

What's your experience with Flash in the mobile world? Do you encounter Flash issues regularly? Are you sad to see it go? Comment below.

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