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Friday, August 23, 2013

How to: Watch American Netflix on Your iPhone or iPad

With the content difference between American Netflix and other regions (such as Canada where I live) it is no surprise that people are looking to "unlock" that content. With the popularity of my How to: Watch American Netflix in Canada using AppleTV post, I thought it was time to take this Netflix content unlock to the iOS platform.

Please note: For this unlock to work you are required to be connected to a Wi-Fi signal.

This may be the deepest you have ever dove into you Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device, but the new Netflix content is well worth the effort.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

iOS 7 Screenshot Tour

It should not be long now before Apple releases the "Gold Master" iOS 7 to the public. At the (still rumored) September 10th presentation, I can hear the words "iOS 7: the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone." The difference between this and the last time those words were said, this time it is true.
Scroll through the gallery below to see the side-by-side comparison of iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Lock Screen

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Create Custom Vibration Notifications for iPhone - No Jailbreak

Custom ring and text tones are great for knowing who's attempting to contact you without having to actually look at your iPhone. However, this feature is useless when your device is in silent/vibrate-only mode.

With a simple change in settings, you can unlock custom vibrations for anyone in your contact list. This way you will always know who is on the other side of communication and if it is important enough to pick up.

Monday, August 5, 2013

iPhone Carrier Editor - No Jailbreak (iOS 6)

A common misunderstanding among iPhone owners is that Jailbreaking is required to achieve any type of customization. While this was mostly true in earlier versions of iOS, the 6th release (iOS 6) has a nice handful of tweaks. CarrierEditor is one of my favorites; it allows the ability to stop advertising for you carrier, and chose your own logo as a replacement. As you can see pictured below, my phone is on BatSignal.