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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Troubleshooting American Netflix Errors From Other Regions

Netflix provides region specific content based on what that area is interested in seeing. They explain it further in this video. Apparently their research methods are not very accurate as myself, and many of you, have decided to apply a DNS mask to gain access to the better (American) content.

If you have stumbled upon this page looking for the "How To Get American Netflix" instructions, click the linked text for your device: Apple TV or iPhone/iPad.

 If you have been using the DNS mask for any length of time, more than likely you have had some type of error or loading issue. Below are the most popular problems that I come across or have been asked about on twitter (I do make an effort to respond to each cry for help).

Here are a few things you should know right off the top. Changing your DNS setting to gain access to the American content is a loophole in the system. Netflix has not authorized this to be a working function and therefore it will be prone to errors, glitches, and slow loading. That being the case, here are a few things you can do to keep your content alive.

Slow Loading

Unfortunately this is the price you pay for being "out of region." Because your device's physical location is being masked, there is additional signal routing that can affect loading times. In my experience, a very slow load time only happens occasionally and with continuous watching the loading improves. Patience.

There are times where the load will take forever. This should result in an error message of some kind. If you receive a "Please try again later" message, simply try again, and then again if need be. It may be that the episode is being temperamental. If after several attempts the same message continues to appear, move on to the next episode or a different series to get a successful load. If successful, go back to what you originally were wanting to watch.

If you are receiving a connection error, keep reading.

Apple TV

If you are able to see the content cover photos in the Netflix app but unable to stream, try restarting your Apple TV. You can find this under Settings>General>Restart (be sure you do not select reset).

If the app refuses to load, you will need to re-establish the DNS mask. This is as simple as the original set up. In the Wi-Fi settings set the DNS configuration back to "automatic" and restart the Apple TV. Open the Netflix app to ensure proper function (with your region's content). Now simply follow the original instructions again. Presto!

iPhone / iPad

Typically with mobile devices the connection needs to be re-established. For this go to Settings>Wi-Fi>YourNetworkName>Forget Network. You will then need to re-log on to your Wi-Fi. This will set the DNS back to it's standard configuration. Be sure that Netflix is closed in multi-tasking and follow the original instructions again.

All Devices

I have noticed a pattern that connections and load times become patchy during the beginning of the each month. If you are having trouble during this time try the steps above or switch back to your region's content for a week or so, there might be something new you actually want to watch, lol. If you are still having trouble getting connected, this post has additional codes.

If you do have further questions, I am on Twitter and as stated above respond as best I can.



  1. I'm a Canadian traveling to Bolivia with my MacBook Pro laptop. Can I do something to be able to watch Netflix there??

  2. Download "hotspot shield" and have it running while logged into Netflix.

  3. Thanks Bryon. It talks about US website, but what about the Canadian Netflix? I understand that it is different than the US Netflix.

    1. You're correct that the US and Canadian content is different. There is much better content on the US version.
      If you do want the Canadian content you'll need a VPN or configure your MBP with a Canadian DNS(guess I found my next blog post).

    2. Well, that made absolutely no sense to me :) Guess I'm in over my head.

    3. It's fairly simple. Subscribe to the blog and you'll get notified when I post about it.

  4. Hmmm, I down loaded the version for MAC but it says ... "cannot install Hotspot on this volume" my hard drive that is. There's no other place to install it. Suggestions??

    1. Try contacting hotspot customer service/support.

  5. Do you have fresh dns addresses for ios?

  6. Hi, it works for me un my phone, Nexus 5. Bit I can't get it work thru my Chromecast that os connected ti my tome WiFi. How can I do?

  7. What's this garbage that's blocking my Netflix? I can't watch anything at all. Can anyone help please?

  8. Hello, I'm in Australia. I can access the Turboflix range but all the thumbnails are greyed out with no detail so I am unable to see what is available. (On an iPad/iPhone). Any advice would be appreciated.

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