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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hide Any App Icon While Keeping Full Functionality (iOS 7) - No Jailbreak

Do you have one of those apps that you don't want people looking at? Perhaps you don't like having Game Center or Compass on your home screen. There is a simple way to solve both these problems.
Allow me to explain, any app that is on your iOS device can be hidden from the home screen but will remain on your device with full functionality.
The method in which this is accomplished takes some practice to get right but once you figure it out you will be greatful.

Here's how

Untitled Folders - No Jailbreak (iOS 7)

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owner has that one folder which contains those never used apps. You know what I am talking about, the folder that contain Stocks, Voice Memos, Game Center, Compass, Newsstand (That's right, iOS 7 allows Newsstand to be placed in a folder!!). What do you call that folder? "Junk," "Hardly Used," "CrApple?" Why not call it nothing at all.

The other problematic folder is the one that contains the apps that you use the most. This folder does not need a name because you know exactly what is in it.

If you have ever tried to make a label-less folder you will know that it will always autocorrect back to the default name. But that all ends now.

How to