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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Watching American Netflix the Easy Way (No More DNS Codes)

There have been plenty of times I have wished for a magical button to fix an expired American Netflix DSN. While a magical Netflix-fixing button my seem like a pipe dream, I set out on a quest for an easier way. I apologize for my absence from both the blog and twitter but this was worth the wait.

After setting up the software and (optional) hardware components, this method for obtaining American Netflix (and other regions) is virtually maintenance-free. No more entering obscure sets of numbers in hard to navigate settings menus. And best of all this is the method for getting American Netflix on you laptop/desktop. So grab your computer and unblock some Netflix!!

Things You'll Need

There are a few things required for this method of obtaining other-region Netflix. The first is a computer, laptop or desktop (unfortunately a tablet or smartphone is unable to partake in this method).

Now that your sitting in front of you computer download Chrome Browser (if you don't already have it).

Once that download is complete and the browser is set up and running, go over to the Chrome Extensions page and grab the Hola Unblocker Extension

After installing Hola! follow the Hola! icon and navigate to Netflix (or other sites) to unlock the regional content. You'll notice you have the opportunity to choose which country to view from; that means that UK Netflix will also be available. Furthermore, if you are in the USA you will also be able to access other regions restricted content.

Don't Want to Watch on Your Computer Screen?

Now that you have unlimited Netflix, it's time to get it on the big screen. If you have the correct cables and/or adapters you can wire your TV to you computer as an additional monitor.

If you are anything like me, wires are annoying. A wireless configuration is quite simple. If you are running a Mac (2012 or newer) and have an Apple TV you can simply AirPlay to your TV. For the rest of us there is AirParrot.

AirParrot is the magical Link for the system. And it is compatible with almost everything. Head on over to their website and see if it is the right software for you. 

The short list of compatibility includes Mac, Windows, Chrome, Apple TV,  ChromeCast, and more.

Comment below what hardware set up you are using.


Please note: Netflix has recently announced a crackdown on "geo-piracy" as a violation of their terms and conditions, using this (or others) to circumnavigate the geo-restrictions is done so at your own risk.

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