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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hidden Apple TV Features

Apple TV is a wonderful little set top box with some powerful features. Here are four of my favorite hidden features. 

Move the Apps

The most basic of customization within the Apple TV environment. If you are familiar with iOS the process is much the same just without the touch aspect. Using your Apple Remote, hold the select (center) button on the app you desire to relocate. Once it starts to wiggle, use the directional arrows to move it to the desired location. Then, press the select button again to confirm the move. 
Note: The top row of apps are fixed and cannot be moved (I know, I'm disappointed too).

Hold Menu to Escape

Due to the Apple TV environment, navigation can leave you deep in content, or even lost. But do not panic, the home screen is never far away. Holding the menu button on your remote for three seconds will return you to the home screen. 

Set Up Other Remotes

The Apple Remote is sleek, functional, and small. Mine gets lost on a regular basis. For that reason I downloaded the Remote app for the iPhone; no more searching endlessly just to enjoy some content. The other benefit is a full keyboard when entry is needed.
But that's not all! You can also set up any other IR remote to control your Apple TV. Navigate to Setting>General>Remote>Learn Remote.  Follow the on screen instruction to make your favorite remote now control your Apple TV.

Hide Unused Apps

While the Apple TV content offerings are expanding (especially with the 5.3 update), I do not use all of the apps. While reorganizing them, as outlined above, can make this a little better, hiding the unused apps is the best way to go. Navigate to Settings>General>Parental Controls. Scrolling down provides a list of all the apps. Simply selecting an item will toggle the show/hide option. The best part is the parental controls do not need to be activated to allow this feature.

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