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Sunday, September 20, 2015

iOS 9: Best Feature

Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone software, iOS 9, was released it's final edition to the public this past Wednesday (Sept 16/2015). I have been playing around with it since then on my iPhone 5s. As with typical Apple fashion, all the latest-and-greatest features are reserved for the new iPhone; in this case the 6s and 6s plus. Even though many of the innovative features have been stripped from my phone's copy of iOS 9, there is one feature that put a smile on my face when it was stumbled upon.

Now I'd be interested to know what you're all thinking this feature is going to be. Siri is still as dumb as ever (I don't know why I got my hopes up). Power-save mode seems to kill the battery at twice the normal rate. And the creepy "Find Friends" app is now a permanent feature.

Apple's best addition was so simplistic, I may have been able to code it myself (and the last thing I successfully coded was in Q-basic...with a tutorial open beside me). So what is it? This...

There is now a search bar on the top of the Settings app. Gone a the days of tap, tap, tap...tap, tap, tap...tap...tap, tap, tap, tap trying to find that one setting you know exists but is buried in the most unusual menu item. Now simply slide-down and type. Thank you Apple, this is a good feature.

What is your favourite new feature or addition. Leave a comment below.


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